Beyoncé Showed Her Hair Being Washed. Here’s Why It Matters.

First, she gave us disco Beyoncé. Then she gave us cowboy Beyoncé. And now? G.R.W.M. Beyoncé.

On Monday, Beyoncé shared a rare glimpse of her wash day routine in a unpolished video to promote her new hair-care line, shocking many in a rare moment of her giving fans such an in-depth look at her real hair.

In February, she announced the line, Cécred, a collection of eight hair-care products using luxury ingredients and encouraging a ritualistic practice to achieve healthy hair. Inspired from her childhood experience of growing up sweeping inside her mother’s hair salon, Beyoncé said that she wanted to bring her mother’s “teachings to life,” according to the brand’s website.

News of the brand was met with excitement from fans, but also skepticism from some who felt as if she lacked credibility: While performing and in public appearances, her hair is almost always tucked away in wigs or supplemented with weave extensions.

Apart from its function as a commercial for the products, the video also appears to be the singer’s way of addressing some of the backlash and doubt she has received.

What happened?

Early Monday morning, a video was posted on Beyoncé’s Instagram profile featuring a close-up of the star’s long, curly hair being washed, conditioned, straightened and styled using Cécred products. In the video, which was shared about two months after the brand’s debut, she said that she was finally ready to show how it has helped her hair. (The name of the brand is a portmanteau combining the end of her name with the word “sacred.”)

“It has been such a special experience seeing all of your #cecredwashday rituals all over my timeline,” she wrote in the caption. “I just had to join in with something I had in the archives.”

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