A Poll Reflecting Worries About Biden’s Age

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To the Editor:

Re “Most Biden Voters of 2020 Fear He’s Too Old to Lead” (front page, March 4):

Donald Trump’s speech in Richmond, Va., on Saturday was chock-full of slurred words, confusion, strange non sequiturs and other red flags that anyone who has watched a family member’s mental decline would have no trouble recognizing. But The New York Times runs a front-page article about how unpopular President Biden is and voters’ worries about his age.

Please drop the pretense that there is anything like “equivalency” in the choice between candidates! The real story this election cycle is the fact that the putative Republican nominee has serious, observable signs of mental decline. Nothing Joe Biden says or does comes even close!

Meredith Dytch

To the Editor:

Joe Biden may or may not be too old to lead the country, but either way the only alternative is Donald Trump. Mr. Biden, the oldest president in history, has done a good job in a difficult time, with a paralyzed Congress and the wreckage left by his predecessor.

By contrast, Mr. Trump did a terrible job, filled his cabinet with corrupt incompetents and focused on enriching himself, to the great detriment of the American people.

Given the choice between Mr. Biden, 81, and Mr. Trump, who turns 78 in June, I’ll take Mr. Biden any day. And that’s the only choice there is.

So, if Democrats want a second Trump term, with all its nightmarish implications, then go ahead and worry about Mr. Biden’s age, go ahead and vote for someone else as a protest, go ahead and stay home on Election Day. But I’m not. I’m voting for Joe.

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