Biden’s Deep Miscalculation on Israel and Gaza

The war in Gaza has become President Biden’s war, the Times Opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof argues in a recent column criticizing what he describes as a moral failing on Biden’s part. In the following conversation, the Opinion editor Sarah Wildman asks Nick to elaborate on where he thinks Biden went wrong and what he hopes the president will do to try to end the conflict in the Middle East

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Biden’s Deep Miscalculation on Israel and Gaza

Nicholas Kristof asks: Where has our moral president gone?

Sarah Wildman: Hello, I’m Sarah Wildman, staff writer and politics editor for New York Times Opinion. Today I’m in conversation with columnist Nicholas Kristof on Biden’s role in the war in Gaza. Nick has been writing about the conflict since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7. Most recently, he wrote a major column on what he sees as Biden’s complicity in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Essentially, Nick makes the case that the Israel-Hamas war is now Biden’s war. This conflict, he writes, will be a significant part of Biden’s legacy.

Nick, thank you so much for joining me today. I know it’s a little early on your side of the country.

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