Tuesday Briefing

Displaced Palestinians fleeing Rafah on Monday.Credit…Ramadan Abed/Reuters

Israel stepped up attacks on Rafah

In targeted retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks over the weekend, Israeli forces pounded sites in Rafah yesterday after ordering about 110,000 Gazans to evacuate the city. The action came after Hamas had offered to accept a temporary cease-fire proposal. Israeli officials plan to review the deal, which experts said has minor wording changes from the one recently presented by Israel and the U.S.

The developments have left White House officials scrambling to broker a deal, as Israel’s closest allies, including the U.S., urge it against staging a large ground operation in Rafah, saying that would take a heavy toll on civilians who are sheltering there.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has rejected those calls, saying that the war cabinet had decided unanimously to “continue with its action in Rafah.” Analysts say invading Rafah would be a necessary step toward the total victory over Hamas that Netanyahu has pledged — however elusive that may prove — and would mollify his hard-line coalition partners. See the latest updates.

Education: Most of Gaza’s schools, including all of its universities, have severe damage that make them unusable, which could harm an entire generation, aid organizations said.

Shipping: The Houthi militia in Yemen has broadened its attacks on cargo vessels, which is adding to delays, the ocean carrier Maersk said.

Biden: Gaza is not at the root of the U.S. president’s troubles with young voters, who rank economic concerns higher on the list.

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